"You can think what
we do is just a drop in the
desert, or you can believe
that every drop counts to
create an oasis."

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The GoldenPeaks Holdings companies operate in countries where many people, especially children are not as fortunate as we were when we were young and as we are today. We strongly believe that we can only be successful over generations, if we support the weakest link in the society. For us, these are the children, because the children hold our dreams, our hopes and our inspiration – we owe them their emotional, physical and material wellbeing!

Our philosophy is to support foundations and institutions which we screen and analyse in depth, take part in their program development and receive a tight reporting on how our funds are invested.

The second pillar of our philosophy is to support charity programs which put a lot of emphasis on know-how exchange and local content – meaning that it is not merely about giving financial aid, but also about putting in place projects that need kick-financing but can then run over the next generations with no further financial aid, only by guiding and coaching the local people on how to maximise the humanitarian output of the project on a long term basis.

About Us
  • “You can think what we do is just a drop in the desert, or you can believe that every drop counts to create an oasis.”
  • Adriano Agosti, Swiss citizen, is the founder ofGoldenPeaks Capital and is active in various fields of businesses around the world. It has always been an aspiration to give back to the society and during his 40 years as a business man, Adriano Agosti and his family have continuously supported local charities around their social and business day to day life.

    In 2011, Adriano Agosti decided to broaden the scope of his philanthropic activities and started to investigate possibilities to engage in further charitable activities. As a father of four, the focus soon became on children and health care related topics.

    Through its philanthropic activities with The GoldenPeaks Foundation, the family pursues its desire to support children in need and work with charities that are dedicated to improve the access to health treatments in poor countries.

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